a girl's best friend is her cat
feline awareness CD
by CatBox Theory

all procceds from the sale of this CD or MP3s are donated to the care of feral and endangered felines worldwide.

the cd feature the actual sounds of cats, from a very loud siamese to the death metal-esque growl of the ocelot, mixed in with acoustic and synth based ambient and experimental music.

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to listen to couple of the songs

Featuring the songs:

playful cat? in forest
put me down
playful cat? in jungle
l'amour fou du chat ├ętranger
in estrus
the promulgations of pluto
the promulgations of pluto - act two
cat on cat [ncotb mix]
second to nature [rasuna mix]
pluto's song
in estrus [slight return]
cat on cat

Available in CD or MP3 formats.
CD is $13.49 including domestic shipping
MP3s are $5.00
[you will receive a link to download the entire CD in MP3 format after you purchase it and includes the CD artwork

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