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What is a Chausie?

A Chausie is generally used to refer to a cat that is the result of the mating of a Jungle Cat [felis chaus] and a Domestic Cat [felis catus]. It also referred to as a Jungle Cat Hybrid. Some groups only recognize the F4 hybrid as the actual Chausie breed.

What does the F1/F2/F3/F4 mean?

The F followed by a number refers to the filial designation in denoting the number or crosses from the original parental generation. For example, an F1 is the first hybrid cross, an F2 the second and so on. In regards to Chausies, an F1 is the first generation of the cross of a Jungle Cat and a Domestic Cat resulting in a 50% hybrid, an F2 is the second generation of a cross between an F1 and a Domestic Cat resulting in a 25% hybrid, an F3 is F2 and a domestic at 12.5% hybrid and an F4 is an F3 and domestic at 6.25% hybrid. An F2 and an F4 [chausie] results in a high F3 that is a 18.75% hybrid. The same is true for other hybrids, for example, the Bengal, which is the cross of an Asian Leopard Cat and a Domestic Cat.

Can I register a kitten I adopt from Cat Mountain?

No, our kittens are high F3/F4 Chausies and too much cat and wild for TICA, which only registers F4 hybrids and lower. The goal of the chausie breed is to capture the likeness of the Jungle Cat in a Domestic Cat. An F1, F2, or F3 chausie has more true Jungle Cat in them than an F4. The F4 chausie we have is registered and more information on him is available upon request. In general, we do not participate in this, our cats know who they are. Our kittens are considered both Chausie and Bengal.

How big will they get?

Chausies can get to up to 35 pounds in the males with the females a little smaller. In general, an F2 or F3 will get to be between 10 - 25 pounds fit. They are very lean and muscular with legs up to twice as long as regular domestic cats.

Are they easy to handle?

Yes, they are very affectionate and devoted, some call them 'doglike'. They are very energetic and amazing natural athletes. They are very intelligent and loving and adapt perfectly to a domestic environment. Full Jungle Cats to F2 hybrids are only recommended for those very experienced with cats and feline behavior. All kittens are completely socialized and home trained. We walk them on leashes around town and can leash train them for you as well.

What do they eat?

They can eat regular AAFCO approved cat food. It is recommended to give them a high quality food that uses natural ingredients or is formulated for high energy felines. We feed ours a mixture of raw human grade food (goat milk, chicken and/or salmon with vitamin supplument (the missing link)) and Innova Evo dry. It is also recommened to have greens available for them, also referred to as kitty grass, such as wheat or oat 'grass' spouts.

How do I adopt?

The adoption process begins with a viewing and conference with an adoption counsellor. After a kitten is chosen and the adoption approved, the kitten or cat may be taken home or picked up when the kitten or cat is ready. We do not vaccinate, except for indoors, spay, or neuter the kittens, that is solely your responsibility and option, and do not recommend this be done under 16 weeks. We do not permit outside cats in or contact with untested cats. We do not cage our cats, they are kept in a healthy home environment. Kittens can be adopted as early as 8 weeks, but we prefer the kittens are kept with the mother at least 12 weeks. All kittens and cats must be personally picked up or transported with an escort, we do not permit shipping. We will hold the kittens for you provided a depostit is made. Additional services are available, such as leash training. A minimum adoption fee is required in the form or a donation. We are non-profit and not involved in commercial breeding. Breeding of our kittens is granted at no extra cost by written permission only
We just love cats and your donation goes to assist in the care of feral and endangered felines in our community and where needed.